Tercel container house contribute to Antarctic Research Station

In some industry applications, container house has many obvious advantages over traditional building. Container house can be lifted easily and moved in a whole unit, suitable to work as office container / equipment container which is required to be move to next station. The whole container house is made from steel by high quality welding, much Strong earthquake resistance and deformation resistance. The lifetime of container house can reach up to 15~20years. The decoration inside the container can meet the usual daily requirements and can be customized per clients request.

Tercel Container House Contribute To Antarctic Research Station
Tercel Container House Contribute To Antarctic Research Station

After several times discussion, Tercel was awarded the big order of container house for Antarctic Research Station project. It is our company honor to participate in the Antarctic Research project and we do many customizations to meet the requirement of the extremely cold zone. The project of office container house has several 40ft containers house and equipped with necessary tools and machinery to serve the daily works. Several 20ft container house was delivered to hold some special equipment.

Container house can be customized for various applications. We also have project for 4S workshop to show cars, waiting room building for helicopters, people living rooms for outdoor projects, office rig camp building for oilfield, Gym for hotels, Clients restrooms for hotels etc.

Tercel Container House Contribute To Antarctic Research Station 1
Tercel Container House Contribute To Antarctic Research Station 1

Extended Reading:

The 34th Antarctic research team set out to build China’s fifth Antarctic Research Station

With global warming, the frozen continent of Antarctica may thaw in the future. The 34th Antarctic scientific research expedition of China has started and the construction of the fifth Antarctic research station is expected to be completed in 5 years.

Tercel Container House Contribute To Antarctic Research Station 2
Tercel Container House Contribute To Antarctic Research Station 2

According to Xinhua News Agency on November 7, China’s 34th Antarctic scientific expedition went to Antarctica on November 8. Unlike Zhongshan Station as the first station to arrive at the South Pole in the past, the “Snow Dragon” polar scientific research ship will go all the way southward, heading straight to the nkosburg island on the west coast of the Ross Sea, opening the construction of China’s fifth Antarctic research station.

It is understood that the function of the new investigation station will be able to guarantee the scientific investigation of geology, meteorology, meteorite, ocean, biology, atmosphere, glacier, earthquake, geomagnetism, remote sensing, space physics, etc. in the region; it will be able to operate the investigation project, command, emergency rescue and other functions, and meet the long-term life work and medical treatment of the management, scientific research and logistics support personnel who spend the summer and winter It has the functions of data transmission, remote real-time monitoring and satellite communication. At the same time, it has the functions of power supply, water supply, heating, transportation, ensuring the operation of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, as well as emergency shelter facilities for personnel.

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