Dozens of Cows Shipping Containers to Australia Client

Cows Shipping Containers is specialized for the shipment of cows from port to port. It is one product of Tercel  Special Containers.  Tercel award purchase orders of Dozens of Cows Shipping Containers from Australia clients. The cows shipping containers are designed and produced after several times communication. Based on rich experience of Tercel, combining the details technical requirements and application requirements, Tercel finally win the trust of client and award the contract.

The cows shipping containers are all 40ft containers, and produced per ISO containers with CCS certificates which can be shipped as SOC container. The cows shipping containers are treated by Hot dip galvanizing(HDG), as the cows shipping container will be used many times from port to port and need to show much better performance in marine environment with high saline moisture.

Except for shipping cows, the container can also used for sheep shipping containers, pig shipping containers, chicken shipping containers and other livestock shipping containers.  Of course, the livestock shipping containers will have some customization points for different kinds of livestock to make it more comfortable and cost-effective. If any readers need support in following livestock shipping containers. Pls contact Tercel container for any enquiry.

Cows Shipping Containers To Australia
Cows Shipping Containers To Australia

Cows shipping containers
Chicken shipping containers
Sheep shipping containers
Pig shipping containers

Except for livestock shipping containers, Tecel can also offer ore container or mineral containers, alsphalt generator set containers, Asphalt tank  containers, offshore mud containers,  offshore cargo basket etc.  Pls you check more from Tercel product page.

Cows Shipping Containers To Australia 2
Cows Shipping Containers To Australia 2
Cows Shipping Containers To Australia 3
Cows Shipping Containers To Australia 3

Extended reading

In 2004, the Australian maritime agency specially formulated the technical specification of marine livestock transportation “cargo and cargo handling - livestock” for the construction of livestock ships.

In the absence of international codes, this code has become the highest standard for the construction of livestock transport ships. The code systematically stipulates the requirements for personnel, ships, equipment and livestock health in the marine livestock transportation, and requires that the ships carrying livestock meet the requirements. Livestock ships need to have special settings, including fence setting, passage setting, sewage system, floor anti-skid setting, feeding trough and drinking trough setting, etc.

1. The livestock ship must be equipped with appropriate fences, which can reduce the living space of livestock, thus reducing the occurrence of fighting between livestock; separating livestock through fences helps to manage livestock; fences can also reduce the distance of livestock movement and improve the stability of the ship.

2. The passage shall be suitable for the livestock loaded. Different livestock have different requirements on the passage. The passage width of sheep is generally 0.55M, while that of cattle is generally 1.0m. There should be no obstacles or protrusions in the passage to reduce the possible damage to livestock during loading and unloading.

3. The livestock ship must be equipped with mechanical ventilation system, which can dissipate the excess heat in the cabin and provide fresh air for the livestock to breathe.

4. Livestock produce a large number of feces and urine every day. These feces and urine not only give off bad smell, but also contain a large number of infectious bacteria. If not handled in time, it will pollute the environment and cause harm to livestock health. Therefore, every livestock fence should be equipped with an effective sewage ditch and drain well, which can timely remove the feces and urine produced by livestock, reduce the spread of livestock diseases, and prevent the ground from wet sliding due to the accumulation of sewage. If the ground is wet and slippery, the livestock will be nervous, which will not only affect the normal standing of the livestock, but also increase the mental pressure of the livestock.

5. Each livestock fence shall be equipped with feeding trough and drinking trough. The feeding trough and drinking trough shall not affect the ventilation, and shall not be affected by the weather and sea water; for transporting cattle or sheep, the position and height of the feeding trough and drinking trough shall be adjustable to meet their needs.

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