35sets Special container exported to Australia

Special container can be used in many different fields to fulfill customer demand. We recently exported 35sets special container with side open door to Australia customer. The Special container are 20ft side door container with DNV2.7-1 certificate which can be applied to offshore operations in Burge, support vessels or drilling platform.

Special Container Exported To Australia
Special Container Exported To Australia

Except for side door container with DNV certificate, Tercel can also design many different type special containers. Example, asphalt storage tank with heating system or pressurized cabins which can be applied to hazardous areas. Tercel can design following type of pressurized containers as follows:

  • offshore pressurized mud logging cabins, zone 1, A60
  • offshore pressurized workshop containers, Zone 1, A60
  • Pressurized office cabins, Zone 2, A60 

Tercel special pressurized containers are designed and built for operation and working in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas, fabricated to DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-2 standards. Equipped with fire, gas and pressure detecting & alarm system, explosion proof containers providing safe working/operation conditions on oil &gas field. The pressurized cabin provides purpose-built, climate-controlled environments for instruments and data acquisition systems at the well site. The fully equipped units serving as centers for collating and analyzing drilling parameters and geological data while drilling. Construction of the units can be adapted to suit specific local conditions, including extremely cold, heliport able rigs, tropical forests, and deserts. Enable operations in hazardous, potentially explosive environments. The buildings meet all the requirements of a Temporary Refuge (TR) including but not limited to HVAC shutdown in case of potential toxic gas intrusion, fire damper closure activated by Gas Detectors in case of fire, air locks on doors, and minimum breathable air concentration by air cylinders enough for two hours, and meet requirements of BP GP 44-30, Design and Location of Occupied Buildings in Onshore Facilities. The Temporary Refuges is located to ensure the safety of personnel during the period that covers the call to muster until an incident has been investigated and controlled, or successful evacuation of the installation has been completed. The TRs have adequate medical and welfare facilities, as well as emergency communications.

Special Container Exported To Australia 2
Special Container Exported To Australia 2
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